What is Funeral Support Payment?

It’s a new payment available to people in Scotland, who are on certain benefits or tax credits, and need support to meet the costs of a funeral. It replaces the UK Government’s Funeral Expense Payment in Scotland. Your client can’t claim both.

Who can get it? Your client may be eligible for Funeral Support Payment if they meet all of the criteria below: • they have the nearest relationship to the person who has died. We will use the family    hierarchy lists from the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016. You can view this at   socialsecurity.gov.scot under stakeholder resources •  they are responsible for the payment of the funeral •  they live in Scotland  •  the person who has died lived in the UK •  the funeral takes place in the UK, or in some cases in a member state of the European   Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland •  they are on at least one of the qualifying benefits* *Universal Credit (UC), Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit (CTC) and disability or severe disability element of Working Tax Credit. An eligibility checker is included at the beginning of the online form and on page two of the paper application form. How much is the payment? Funeral Support Payment is a part-payment and will cover some, but likely not all, of the funeral costs. This is dependent on individual preference of funeral choices and varying fees for services across Scotland. If eligible, the amount the client will receive will depend on what they have claimed and what funds were left by the person who died. Funeral Support Payment can cover: • burial and cremation costs (these costs vary throughout the country, therefore we have   published the reasonable local costs we will pay - mygov.scot/burial-cremation-costs-   scotland)
 • a flat rate for any other expenses - £700 for the majority of applications and £120 if    the person who died had made provision for their funeral through a funeral plan • some travel costs, document costs and medical costs. Funeral Support Payment
 @SocSecScot    Social Security Scotland    0800 182 2222 This factsheet can be provided in audio, Braille, easy read, large print or  alternative languages by calling 0800 182 2222.
How many people can get this payment? One person per funeral. How do you apply? Call freephone on 0800 182 2222 to complete the application over the phone or to request a paper application form. Or go to mygov.scot/funeral-support-payment. Before applying for Funeral Support Payment, your client should register the death and give their funeral director (if they have one) consent to speak with us about their application - doing so will minimise the time taken to process the application. There are two application forms – a child application form and an adult application form. The application forms are marked clearly in the top right-hand corner. The form for the funeral for a young person or child asks fewer questions. How long after applying will people have to wait to get their payment?  Your client should receive a decision within 10 working days of us receiving a completed application form, along with all supporting evidence that is required. Their payment will follow shortly afterwards. What evidence will be required?  Bills or receipts for the items being claimed, for example travel receipts to plan or attend the funeral, will be required. Your client will be sent a pre-paid envelope that they should return to Social Security Scotland to start their application. Does the client need to pay this money back? No, it’s not a loan and doesn’t need to be repaid by the client. If the person who died left financial assets we will recover this payment from their estate. Who is paid the money?  The money will be paid directly to the client’s chosen financial account or direct to the funeral director (this is usually the client’s preferred choice but we will need the client’s permission to do this). When can people apply? People can apply after the person the funeral is for has died and up to six months after the date of the funeral. What can this money be used for? The payment is a contribution towards the cost of the funeral the client is arranging and the decision on what they use this money for is up to them. In most cases, it will cover the burial or cremation costs and help towards other funeral costs such as funeral director’s fees, a coffin or flowers. Does it affect other benefits? No, Funeral Support Payment does not have an impact on any other benefits or tax credits.  (Information from Scottish Government website)