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Argyll and Bute Community Food Forum

Bute Advice Centre facilitates the Argyll and Bute Community Food Forum.




The Argyll and Bute Community Food Forum supports community food providers across the area. It is designed to create space for food banks to discuss and share information, experience and advice with each other.


Get involved

There are closed online meetings quarterly and food bank organisers can also request to join the Facebook Group. For more information about the Forum contact the Centre Manager Julie Semple.


History and funding

The Food Forum was set up in January 2019. £2500 funding was generously provided by UNISON in December 2022 to distribute across the region. This is the third year funding has been provided and community food organisations across the region are incredibly appreciative.

More information about community food providers


Details of each of the individual foodbanks can be found on Argyll and Bute Council website  and by following the link in the button below.



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