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Debt Management


Bute Advice Centre’s debt advice service aims to help clients with debt and associated problems. A set procedure is followed:

• Identify emergencies

• Take necessary action or refer to appropriate  agency, e.g. Doctor, Health Visitor etc.

• Identify all problems and/or debts that could  impact on choices available

• List all creditors and check liability

• Check household/individual income

• Check that client is in receipt of all appropriate benefits

• Check housing and council tax rebates

• Check client is in receipt of all support services required, e.g. community care assessment for personal care, council grants, stay warm heating,  insurance cover

• Check increased contributions from other adults at home

• Check income from work that will not affect benefits

• Work out basic essential expenditure excluding  debts/arrears or any major purchases in the near future

• See financial statement for details of things to include, try to think of any other essential expenditure not included

• Identify strategies in dealing with creditors or making purchases

• Subtract the complete weekly essential  expenditure from the clients maximised income, leaving the disposable income for either  creditors, savings or purchases

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